Galaxy A50 Smart Phone Full Review

Galaxy A50 is a smartphone with an agreeable, thin shape and easily adjusted edges, outfitted with the new Super AMOLED Inifinty-U screen with a corner to corner of 6.4 inches. Significantly, to give considerably less difficult and progressively natural connection with the gadget, Samsung has prepared the Galaxy A50 model with the capacity of opening with a unique mark on the screen , just as a spacious battery with a limit of 4000 mAh, with a quick charging capacity.

The Galaxy A50 comes to us in a white box, and the frill – charger, USB link and headphones – are tossed freely inside, however flawlessly orchestrated in their compartments. What’s more, the unit incorporates standard papyrology and a needle to open the cabinet for 2 SIM cards and a memory card.

From the start, the Samsung Galaxy A50 looks strong and present day. For tests I got white, which at specific points and lighting gets rainbow reflections. I concede that it truly looks pleasant. Be that as it may, when we take the phone in our grasp, we will feel backs with plastic casings under our fingers. It is a pity, in light of the fact that such a development is entirely powerless against scratches, which has just been seen.

The distinctive component of the smartphone is the 6.4-inch Super AMOLED premium presentation and with a small cut as a tear at the highest point of the screen wherein the front camera is put – 25 MP and speaker. The screen is secured with Gorilla Glass 3, and the top and side casings are dainty. Just the base edge is very thick. Being the sign of Samsung gadgets, the presentation gives brilliant, striking and top notch regular shading pictures, from each edge of view.

I will likewise include that the edges of the textual styles are sharp, and with the unaided eye we won’t see singular light focuses on it, and the backdrop illumination itself is uniform all through the whole screen. To put it plainly, the Galaxy A50 is additionally very much utilized in the splendid sun. Also, on account of the Always on Display work, all you need is a look to check the most significant data, for example, date, climate alarms, time and up and coming warnings.

With regards to call quality, we have no reservations. What’s more, the phone is acceptable at keeping up associations where there is poor system inclusion.

The maker has moved the unique mark peruser under the screen in the Galaxy A50. Lamentably, it worked “in that capacity”, not to say that it nearly doesn’t work. I frequently needed to put my finger to the peruser commonly and the phone didn’t remember it. I concede that it was irritating and most likely a superior arrangement is placed the peruser as an afterthought in the catch as in S10e or just on the back. Because of issues with the peruser, I immediately changed to opening the phone with my face. Here, the component worked much better. Before long and without serious issues.

Also for the headphone jack, which you won’t discover in progressively costly models, and for the alternative of extending the memory with an extra card. It merits referencing here that an extra card can be utilized in corresponding with 2 SIM cards – for example we are managing a genuine Dual SIM. Be that as it may, with regards to the speaker, it’s more regrettable. Indeed, very boisterous music leaves the amplifier, however somewhat more would be expected of the normal. Lamentably, at uproarious playback you can at times hear bizarre and aggravating snaps.

Samsung Galaxy A50 is outfitted with a 4000 mAh battery, and in the bundle you will locate a quick charger – 15W. Charging the battery completely takes a little more than 2 hours. This is a decent outcome for a medium in spite of the fact that it isn’t the best. At the point when I took my phone for extremely serious outings – Internet, Social Media, Intensively Used Camera, the phone was sufficient for the night. On the off chance that we utilize the phone less seriously, we can rely on 2-3 days of work. This is a generally excellent outcome for Samsung. In the leader S10 Series it was somewhat more regrettable.